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Heavy Duty Vehicle Security Barriers

Roemac Metal Fabricating has invested years of research and development to build the finest security barriers in the world. The Mac-H Vehicle Security Barrier set the standard for today's state of the art security barriers.

The Mac-H Heavy Duty Barrier is a dependable security device designed to restrict access of unauthorized vehicles to sensitive areas. Combining proven technology with innovative design, the Mac-H Barrier System has demonstrated, by actual crash tests, its ability to stop a 10-ton truck traveling at 41 miles per hour without suffering hydraulic-system damage. The barrier is located underground and will allow authorized traffic to pass without obstruction. Upon the need to physically secure the facility, the barrier can be raised to its full 36-inch height in approximately one second to present a formidable obstacle to any approaching vehicle.

The barrier is constructed of heavy structural steel members covered with non-skid steel plate, and is designed to withstand normal accidental contact by vehicles when in the raised position without suffering structural damage. When a serious attempt occurs, the Mac-H will absorb and distribute the force of impact.

Standard Features on all Barriers:

  • Energy absorbing removable barrier drum with patented rotating feature
  • Heavy steel underground holding tank, complete with drain
  • Choice of integral hydraulic system with manual lifting mechanism or remote module located separate from barrier
  • Electrical panel and push button station ready for connection to your power source
  • Heavy duty high cycle hydraulic cylinders
  • Complete instruction manual including installation, operation and maintenance

Optional Equipment:

Hydraulic Oil Heater
Automatic Activationbarpic3.jpg (25995 bytes)
Battery Power Backup
50 HTZ Motors and Coils
Multiple Station Control
Power Out Hand Pump
Card Access Control
Warning Lights
Export Packaging
Tamperproof Package
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Radio Control Operation
Heated Sump and Pump
Portability Package


Barrier Height: All barriers are 36" high above grade when in full up position.

Barrier Width: Barriers are available in widths from 6 feet to 24 feet. Custom width multiple drum systems are available.

Speed of Lift: Full down to full up position in approximately 1 second.

Safety: The Mac-H Barrier is a courteous sentry, designed to do its job without overhangs or pinch points. The top surface is a non-skid diamond plate steel for maximum wear and safety.

Construction: Heavy gauge steel plates covering structural steel members that are designed to support the weight of heavy vehicular traffic. All welded construction with no protruding bolts.

Surface Mount Units
Vehicle Barriers that will Stop you COLD.


When Excavation is out of the question, Roemac's MAC-H Surface Mount Vehicle Barrier combines the American made, heavy duty construction that our customers know from our below grade barriers, with the simplicity and portability of surface mounting. Our units can be easily transported and set up in almost any location to provide top quality security when and where it is needed.

If a threat changes, the MAC-H Surface Mount system can be quickly dissembled and loaded on a flat bed truck to be transported anywhere it is needed.


Roemac's Surface Mount system is the perfect choice when excavation is out of the question. Drainage, frost lines, power or gas lines and other construction considerations are no longer an issue. All a contractor needs to do is assemble the main components and plug it in to an electric hookup to have a functional barrier.


Roemac is a High quality shop that has over 30 years of experience in vehicle barrier construction. Our designers are quickly able to discuss any custom requirements that a customer might have. We have a variety of options such as safety warning lights, emergency mode, vehicle loop sensors, and oil heating and cooling systems.

The MAC-H Surface Mount barrier, like the below grade barriers, are simply the highest quality barrier systems on the market. If you need 'em stopped, we can do it.

Surface Mount Vehicle Barrier Specifications:


  • 36" High Barrier, 12 feet wide Max.

Lift Speed:

  • 1.5 Seconds

Control Station:

  • The Surface Mount Barrier is available in 220 or 440 volt 3 Phase 50 or 60 Hz
  • All electric panels are UL listed
  • Auxiliary control panels are available.


  • Hydraulic power operation
  • Available manual hydraulic pump system
  • Integral or Remote hydraulic power


  • Heavy steel plate construction for Maximum stopping power
  • Heavy Duty, Reliable, High Cycle hydraulic cylinders
  • Choice of High or Low side construction
  • Surface mounting with no excavation requirements


  • Breakaway protection device to isolate hydraulic lifting mechanism from impact forces by containing the arm at both ends.


  • Breaks down into 8 foot sections for easy shipping.

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